Our passion for the logistics industry was first discovered back in 1957, which later inspired the start of Lee Truck Broker, Inc., located in Stuttgart, Arkansas. We operate as a full-service IMC and 3PL provider. LTB Logistics strives to ensure that we can meet any supply chain need, from the production line to the store shelf, for customers both local and international.


Our corporate mission is to provide our customers with focused, innovative, unsurpassed supply chain solutions, at the best possible price while striving to keep our vendors financially viable in a volatile and unpredictable market.



Curtis Frankie Lee, the former president and co-founder of Lee Truck Broker, Inc. began his career in trucking, with his brother, R.K. Lee.


Frankie started hauling grain for local farmers in and around Dermott, Arkansas. By the end of the first harvest, he began to hire other truck owners to help, charging them a fee for supplying the load.


Frankie joined Harold Ives and Terminal Truck Brokers, Inc. to support his growing accounts receivables and in the fall of the same year, his son Randy joined him behind a desk.


Frankie and Randy, having saved enough to support their receivables, started Lee Truck Broker, Inc. as an Arkansas Corporation with Frankie as President and Randy as Vice President.


Lee’s, Inc., an asset based nationwide trucking company was created to support our brokerage operations.


Lee’s Express Finance & Capitol was established to provide freight payment and factoring services, to support its brokerage operations.


LTB Intermodal was formed to support its expansion and growing customer base.


LTB Operación México was established as an affiliate to LTB Logistics to offer the same expert logistics services to Mexico-based customers, moving freight within the borders of Mexico.


  • We have been in this business over 60 years.
  • We are financially secure & debt free with the resources and capital on hand to support our ongoing year over year growth rate.
  • We offer a comprehensive North American logistics portfolio.
  • We offer a “Best in Class” technology platform and a proven “Value Delivery” service model.
  • Our experienced “Sales Staff” and “Solutions Engineering Team” listen to our customers to develop innovative supply chain solutions that deliver unmatched value and world-class results that consistently exceed customer expectations.
  • Our Ethics, Values, and Integrity are rooted in our faith; this means everything to us and drives our pursuit of excellence.