Intermodal Services

If an intermodal service provider is what you’re searching for, LTB Intermodal’s specialists are dedicated to improving your supply chain. Employing us for your intermodal freight movements gives you better visibility, security, and control over your products. LTB Intermodal provides first class service that includes access to better rail capacity and on-time performance at the most competitive prices. Combined with our truckload volume, our intermodal services place us in a unique position to deliver the best possible solutions for your needs.


Everyone knows that one small mistake is all it takes to delay a shipment. One oversight, one missed connection, and you’re looking at additional charges, late arrivals and unhappy customers. That’s where LTB Intermodal takes the risk out of your intermodal shipping. We have the experience, the most advanced intermodal technology in the industry and the resources to stay on top of every detail. With access to more than 150,000 high capacity containers, over 50,000 small box containers and contracts in place with all of the North American Class 1 railroads, LTB Intermodal has the ability to meet your needs today!


Leading Intermodal Capacity
We provide access to all North American Class 1 railroads and over 200,000 intermodal containers of all sizes across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and can commit capacity to your business.


Comprehensive Dray network
A comprehensive dray network that can pickup and deliver to and from rail ramps, ports, and your door. Serving 24 regional markets and 80 ramps throughout the US, Canada, & Mexico.


Truck-Competitive Services
Our customer focus, industry-leading technology and 24/7 staff provides over-the-road competitive service with immediate visibility to your loads.


Broadest Market Coverage
With staged equipment across North America, we can pick up your loads quickly while reducing storage and reservation costs.


We offer annual, season, & instant spot rates. LTB Intermodal also has the ability to enter into tri-party agreements with our customers based on volume and lane type commitments.


Committed to Your Business
With LTB Intermodal you receive a dedicated Sales Manager and Customer Service Coordinator.