Carrier Services

Because Lee Truck Broker is non-asset based, our carriers are essential to our success! Our philosophy is simple, without you, we can’t survive! Because of that, we hold the relationships we’ve built with our carriers in very high regard. The reputation and growth of our company is a direct result of the quality of our loyal and proficient carriers! Our current and previous president’s both began their careers as owner operators. Career’s that they were not forced into, but rather chose… Just like you! We want your experience with us to be positive, rewarding, and most of all prosperous!


In today’s volatile freight market, there are too many brokers and third party firms taking advantage of hard working truck drivers. Drivers like you, who want nothing more than to provide a good living for their families. We’ve stood strong and financially stable for over 25 years! And rest assured that it hasn’t been because we take advantage of truckers. If you’re capable of meeting our strict requirements for courteous, safe and on-time service, we want you to be a part of our team. And for your effort we can promise premium pay, quick pay options, free walk-in pay, Comchek advances, and a personal relationship with our qualified dispatch team. Whether you have one truck or one hundred, we can help you succeed!


If you’d like to join us as a qualified carrier, please call us! We always have time to talk to new carriers.


The Benefits of Working With Us:

  • Prompt payment with quick pay options
  • Comchek
  • Payment for stops, detention and tarping.
  • Manage of load details and driver requirements to avoid frustrating delays.
  • Factoring available
  • Truckload and LTL for Reefers, Vans, Flatbeds, Hoppers, and Specialized Equipment.


National, regional and local traffic lanes.