Agent Opportunities

After a combined 34 years experience in the asset and brokerage sides of freight transportation, Father and Son team Frankie (CF) and Randy (Randall) Lee founded Lee Truck Broker in 1984. Today, with over 30 years under our belt, we have the history and credit to provide our customers, agents, and vendors great peace of mind.


In 2007, we completely modernized our operations with a state of the art infrastructure to better serve our customers, vendors and agents with the most competitive resources available! We are continuing to take important steps to insure that we have a strong, diversified roster of management and marketing leaders to spur continued innovation and growth but our future and growth rest on the shoulders of our “people”. We understand that without quality agents that are striving to grow and succeed, we cannot succeed. We have implemented an aggressive growth plan and this plan involves recruiting good people to work with, but recruiting is only a piece of the whole; we’re here to teach, help, lead, guide, and counsel.


We are dedicated to providing all of the necessary tools to agents and employees needed for that growth and success. If you grow, we grow! The agents and the people that we work with truly become part of our “family” and we want our family to succeed and do it in such a way that their entire life is enriched! Our business plan is aimed at helping our agents to achieve that enriched life by supporting them as family. As an agent, you set the goals, then we’ll help you meet them and then blow right past to a level higher than you ever expected!


What separates us from the rest of the companies in the Transportation Industry?

  • Our Faith! Our values and ethics, based on our faith, mean everything to us. You know who you’re dealing with and you know we can be trusted with your livelihood.
  • We have excellent credit and are financially secure. We pay our carriers in 20 days and you’ll never have to worry about whether or not your trucks are getting paid!
  • We are NOT FOR SALE!! We have a strategic growth plan set in place to meet and exceed $100M in annual gross revenue. We are in this for a long haul. You don’t have to worry about us selling the company out from under you. Your future here will always be secure!
  • Our Family! We only work with the best, and our Partners (Agents and Sales Agents) are committed to us because we’re committed to them! We consider our team a family and when you join our team, you join our family! WE WANT our family to succeed!
  • State of the art infrastructure which includes McLeod’s PowerBroker TMS, the absolute best TMS on the market, HANDS DOWN! You will never again have to waste time because of an insufficient TMS! You can’t excel at your job if you’re wasting time with a computer system that doesn’t work for you.
  • Focused on Growth! We know we cannot grow without a good team. We have doubled in size over the last 5 years and will continue to grow. This means that we will focus on YOU and HELPING YOU to meet and exceed growth goals! YOU WILL SUCCEED!
  • Super Agent and Sub Agent Programs available to help your revenue growth explode. We have the model and can help you get this plan implemented! We can also help with office development and personnel growth!
  • Co-Branding agreement with Union Pacific’s Streamline. This agreement allows us to advertise Union Pacific assets as our own. But that’s not all! This arrangement gives us access to great rates and GUARANTEED capacity. This gives us the ability to the best rates thereby affording our team the competitive edge!
  • Contracts in place with most class 1 railroads in the US and Canada, and service available into Mexico.
  • Your days of standing in line waiting to get your carriers approved while your competition steals your loads are over! Our carrier base is over 7500 strong and our TMS system monitors our carriers in real time with nightly updates to carrier safety ratings and BASIC Scores.
  • We offer our team the opportunity to handle multiple modes of transportation including reefer, van, flat, bulk, and intermodal so you can expand into other modes that you have not previously worked within. We want you to grow and feel comfortable going deeper and wider into your portfolio of accounts. We have what it takes to train you in these modes of transportation.
  • All agent accounts are protected! There could be some rare exception to this “rule” if all parties agree.
  • We do not meddle in our team’s business development activities! However, there are rare cases where an agent needs management to strategize and assist in developing new business. Should the need arise, we will not only make ourselves available to you but if you wish we will travel with you to meet your customers.
  • Agents can reach our management team at anytime during a 24 hour period! We want to communicate with you and tap into your creativity so we can correct mistakes as well as implement new and exciting ideas! Your opinions are very important to us!
  • We offer a retirement exit strategy to reward agents for their efforts and to make sure their customers are serviced with the same level of excellence after they retirement. Financially, we believe you will be very impressed with what we have to offer!


We have all of the infrastructure, knowledge, experience and motivation to help you achieve your goals. Combine all of this with honesty and the highest level of integrity and you have a terrific environment in which to succeed! All we need is you!