LTB is dedicated to building a team of diverse individuals, who are committed to reaching their full potential. When you join our team, you join our family!


LTB Logistics is committed to recruiting, developing and maintaining a diversified team of capable professionals, with a passion for succeeding. For us, success depends on a combination of things; none of which is more important than gathering qualified people for the purpose of solving today’s unique supply chain challenges.


We are dedicated to providing all of the necessary tools that agents and employees need to grow and succeed. If you grow, we grow! The agents that we work with truly become part of our “family” and naturally, we want our family to succeed and do it in a way that enriches their lives! As an agent, you set the goals, and we’ll help you exceed them!


  • Our values and ethics are based on our faith which means everything to us.
  • We have excellent credit and are financially secure, so you won’t have to worry about whether your trucks are getting paid or not, as we ensure that all of our carriers receive payment within 20 days.
  • We are committed to in being around for the long haul and have a strategic growth plan.
  • Our Partners (Agents and Sales Agents) are committed to delivering excellent service because we are committed to them! We consider our team part of the family and ensure their passion for succeeding.
  • Super-Agent and Sub-Agent Programs are available to help expand your revenue growth. We know and understand the model and can help you implement the strategy and help with office development and employee growth.
  • We have contracts in place with all class 1 Railroads in the United States, Canada and Mexico..
  • We offer our team the opportunity to handle multiple modes of transportation including reefer, van, flat, bulk, and intermodal so that you can expand into other modes that you have not previously worked within.
  • Agents can reach our management team at any time! We want to communicate with you and tap into your creativity so we can correct mistakes as well as implement new and exciting ideas! Your opinions are critical to us!